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A Message From EUREKA, the Career Information System

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A Message From EUREKA, the Career Information System

Dear Users,

Due to COVID-19, EUREKA is taking measures to ensure that we are keeping our employees and customers safe. Our new work policies ensure that we continue to provide you with the career guidance that you’ve become accustomed to.

We’ve noticed a significant increase in new accounts, which may be because more classes are now online. As you move to a virtual teaching environment with all of its challenges, EUREKA is working to help you make this transition smoothly.

Quick Tips:

  • Many sections of are bilingual (English/Spanish).
  • Don’t forget there’s also Entrepreneurship, Job Search and Financial Aid information in (Reference Service Press Financial Aid/Scholarship Data is also available as an add-on).
  • Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of to ask any question.

Reminders for Teachers & Counselors:

  • We offer free Webinar Trainings.
  • We’ll help you to delete old accounts.
  • Curricula are available in’s Staff Tools (if you would like to share your curricula with our users, please let us know).
  • Use the Invite Users feature to let users create accounts quickly.
  • Use Staff accounts to keep track of your students and clients.
  • Contact Technical support if a student or staff person has the wrong account type (client/student vs. administrative access).


  • Our dedicated team is available to help you with all of your questions. Reach out to us through the Contact Us page.
  • Office hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT
  • Phone: 888-463-2247

We encourage you to regularly monitor online resources related to COVID-19, including:

Thank you for being a loyal customer. We cannot predict the future, but we hope that together we will move beyond these uncertain times. Our focus is to continue to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

Please be safe!

The EUREKA staff


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