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What are ways to encourage a shy kid to be more outgoing?

Your classroom today is like a smorgasbord: fast and slow learners, active and energetic participants, shy and quiet loners, and the not interested, I don't care, why do I need to be here contingent.

Would you allow us to make a suggestion?
EUREKA Express

EUREKA Express gives shy students the opportunity to express themselves about how they are at school, at home, and with friends. They will also be able to share the results to see how much like other students they are.

The "LOOKING AT ME" self-assessment questionnaire in EUREKA Express is a wonderful tool with curriculum worksheets, one of the best ways to begin the school year.


To assist students in developing an understanding of their personalities and how personality has an effect on career interest areas.

Materials Needed:

  • Access to EUREKA Express (to enter and save response to Vocabulary Worksheet).
  • Hard copy of vocabulary worksheet for classroom use: when computer lab is not available.

Article By:

Lynda Jackson
Lynda Jackson
Administrative Assistant