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Welcome, Job Seekers!

Self-discovery is at the root of seeking a career change or looking for a new job.

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Welcome, Job Seekers!

Self-discovery is at the root of seeking a career change or looking for a new job.

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Step 1: Who Am I?

Find out more about yourself and what you want to do.

  • MicroSkills: Discover functional transferable skills to put on your resume and see how they transfer to other work environments.
  • What Are My Values?: What's really important for you in your life?
  • Inner Heroes: Understanding your personality traits can enhance your communication skills.
  • Occ-U-Sort: Reality check - do your expectations meet the realities of the labor market?
  • True Colors: Find your dominant True Color and compatible careers. More about True Colors
  • How Do I Learn: Review what your dominant learning style(s) may be, and consider study techniques that may fit your learning style.
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Step 2: Where Am I Going?

Even in a tight job market, the GOOD NEWS is that there are always job openings!

  • Occupations: Over 2500 titles with clearly written and detailed descriptions. Including videos, wages and outlook, and the majors to get there.
  • Brief Occupations in English & Spanish: Short, one-page descriptions of occupations.
  • Military Occupations: Learn about careers found in the military.
  • Entrepreneurship: Ever consider owning your own business? Find out what's involved.
  • Job Search Guide: A detailed overview of the job search process including creating resumes.
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Step 3: How Do I Get There?

Take what you have learned to land in the career that you want.

  • Majors/Programs of Study: Do you need training? Find the progams or major(s) required to realize your dream job.
  • Education & Training Themes: Majors and training programs grouped by themes and their True Color and Inner Hero.
  • Colleges and Universities & Short-term Training Explore schools offering training options.
  • School Filters: Find schools that meet specific criteria including degree type, school setting and majors offered.
  • Job Search Guide: Sharpen your job search skills, learn how to:
    • Research the job market and conduct information interviews to find openings in your area of interest.
    • Develop your resume to help you get that interview!
    • Network to find the hidden job market. Someone you meet may provide the job lead you need.
    • Turn Volunteer work into a paying job.
  • Financial Aid Guide: Tips on applying for aid and where to look.
  • Funding Finder (Optional): Find scholarships and awards that match your characteristics. More information

EUREKA will help you...

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Know yourself better to see how you fit in the labor market.

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