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EUREKA has gathered an extensive collection of knowledge and resources right here in one! Colleges and Universities, Short-term Training options, Financial Aid, Job Search, Entrepreneurship, links to a vast array of resources and many more valuable tools to guide you in your career and training decisions.

If you are a student seeking employment, making a career transition, or looking for ways to earn a living doing what you love, is an invaluable resource for you!

The education related databases on

  • College Majors/Training Programs: Over 150 college majors and training program descriptions. These include related programs, recommended high school courses, and links to schools offering the program.

  • Colleges and Universities: Over 3,000 4 year colleges or universities located throughout the United States with approximately 300 international institutions.

  • Short Term Training: More than 700 schools or programs throughout the United States offering training from the Diploma/Certificate level through an Associate degree.

  • Financial Aid Guide: All the basic Financial Aid information including links to state and national websites and free sources of scholarship information.

  • Funding Finder (Optional): Filter through thousands of scholarships and awards. More information

Complementary Databases

  • Job Search Guide: A detailed review of the entire job search process with tips, resume templates, and interview techniques including informational interviews.

  • Entrepreneurship (Self-Employment): Detailed insights into owning your own business. If you are considering earning your living this way, check out this database.

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