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Virtual Career Center

EUREKA makes your job easier by providing the critical step-by-step career guidance your students need.

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Virtual Career Center

EUREKA makes your job easier by providing the critical step-by-step career guidance your students need.

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EUREKA Helps Counselors/Educators...

  • Deliver career development services more efficiently.
  • Integrate career development in the classroom with curriculum and activities.
  • Document student progress and generate reports.
  • Provide electronic counseling services to students.
  • Save time. EUREKA is easy to navigate without assistance.

EUREKA Helps Students...

  • Identify careers they'd enjoy.
  • See relationships between careers and academic subjects.
  • Explore occupations and plan their career.
  • Identify their skills.
  • Decide on a field of study or major.
  • Find the training they need and research financial aid.
  • Develop job search strategies, including resumes.
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Step 1: Who Am I?

  • How Do I Learn: Find dominant learning style(s) to help develop study techniques that fit those style(s).
  • What Are My Values?: Topical questions help clarify values and the role they play in life.
  • Inner Heroes: An easy to use and insightful personality-based self-assessment. Users discover their four hero personality profile which link to careers and education themes.
  • MicroSkills: Discover functional transferable skills to enhance self confidence and find careers to match. Students identify their transferable skills and talents and how they relate to the world of work.
  • Occ-U-Sort: Reality check where expectations meet the realities of labor market requirements for jobs and careers.
  • True Colors: A quick but powerful self-assessment revealing one's dominant True Colors and compatible careers.     More about True Colors >>
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Step 2: Where Am I Going?

  • Occupations: Over 2500 titles with clearly written and detailed descriptions. Including videos, wages, Holland Codes and True Colors.
  • Brief Occupations in English & Spanish: Short, one-page descriptions of occupations.
  • Job Search: A detailed overview of the job search process including creating resumes.
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Step 3: How Do I Get There?

  • Programs of Study: Detailed descriptions of college majors and post-secondary training programs with schools that offer them. Includes links to related occupations and programs.
  • Education & Training Themes: Majors and training programs grouped by themes with True Color, Inner Hero and CE/CTE information.
  • Colleges and Universities & Short-term Training: Over 2500 U.S. and International colleges and universities as well as short-term training opportunities.
  • School Filters: Find training options that meet specific criteria from degree type to majors offered to school setting to personal characteristics.
  • Financial Aid Guide: Tips for finding grants, loans and all types of financial aid.
  • Funding Finder (Optional): Reputable source for spam-free personalized list of scholarships and awards. More information
  • Our partner, Career Builder, helps our users find current job openings:
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EUREKA is Affordable

We work with you to find the service level that fits your needs and budget.

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I am an instructional counseling instructor and use EUREKA as an educational supplement. At first I would direct students to True Colors, but now I have them complete the entire self-assessment (discovery) section.— a California College Counselor

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